The following facilities have been provided in CCC for the overall personality grooming of the cadets.

Sports Fields

The college provides playing facilities for maximum sports, which include cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, and Hockey.


A spacious room on the first floor of the academic block has been allocated to the college library. The college library contains a large no of books on various subjects. 


Mosque is the center of religious activities. A beautiful spacious masque is under construction in new campus.


There are the following labs available in the college for imparting practical knowledge to the cadets. 

  1. Chemistry 
  2. Physics 
  3. Biology
  4. Computer 

Security System

The College is guarded through an efficient and effective security system. The safety and security of cadets are of prime importance. Fully equipped, well-trained ex-army persons have been employed as Security Guards to ensure the safety and security of cadets in the college. Security cameras are installed and operated at all specific areas for monitoring. Observation posts have been constructed at different places to oversee and promptly react against any untoward incident.  


Hobbies Club

The College endeavors to polish the latent potential of the cadets. Therefore no co-curricular activities are arranged for college for the cadets. It is mandatory for a cadet to avail membership of at least one Club. The following clubs, each headed by a faculty member along with cadet members exist in CCC.

  1. Debating Club
  2. Drama Club
  3. Camera Club 
  4. Art Club


Messing facility is provided to cadets in a state-of-the-art building. 600 cadets can be served at a time in a clean, serene, hygienic environment. Cadet’s mess is managed by messing officer assisted by the mess supervisor and Miss NCO. The menu is planned according to the season and physiological needs of teenage under the supervision of the Principal.