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Foreword to the Principal

Lt Col. Fazal-e-Hakim Principal (CCC) 

Cadet College Chilas is progressing in the right direction. Through a holistic academic, Co-Curricular and Extra- Curricular activities, the cadets are being groomed and trained in academic excellence, self-discipline, creativity and an egalitarian outlook.

Cadet College Chilas imparts value-based education essentially focused on character building and personality development. Cadets are trained to observe, analyses, synthesize, evaluate and apply concepts, the college stresses upon the need of producing thinking minds with abiding interest in life and around them. 

With experienced and devoted faculty members, we are achieving the required targets of shaping and molding the raw students from Diamar.

Our aim is to provide a congenial and conducive atmosphere for the steady and healthy growth of the cadets. There is always room for improvement and we are committed to explore further and to discover new pinnacles of academic excellence.

Dear Diamiran! There is a big promise in you, hope in you. You are the future. Up you go and “READ TO LEAD”.

I wish all the faculty members, cadets and administrative staff a bright and viable future bringing honor, glory and dignity. Would urge you to continue to “READ TO LEAD”.