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Acts of Misconduct & Punishments

Acts of Misconduct.     The following acts are considered as misconduct.

1. Use of abusive language with teachers, cadet college employees and anybody inside or outside the college.

2. Humiliating, insulting or hurting the religious, cultural, linguistic or sectarian feelings of others.

3. Showing disrespect for teachers, elders and those in authority in the college.

4. Littering and spitting in college areas.

5. Smoking or taking any intoxicating substance

6. Not wearing correct uniform.

7. Not observing cleanliness and hygiene i.e. unkempt hair, unclean teeth, body or clothes.

8. Coming late to classes, to the mess, to college activities and functions or willful absence from any of the activities.

9. Examination offences like cheating.

10. Causing loss or damage to college or public property.

11. Violating any rule made by the college.

12. Possession of electric and electronic goods like radios, tape/DVD recorders, Cameras, heaters, electric irons and more than one mobile phones etc.

13. Raising slogans of any nature against the college, the management or any other person or body.

14. Any manner of demonstration.

15. Visiting those places which have been / are declared out of bounds for cadets from time to time.

16. Failing to rejoin on expiry of authorized leave. Or coming late from leave. 

17. Any other action that can be construed as misconduct.

Punishments.  Misconduct can lead to permanent expulsion from the college or the Principal directly or on the recommendation of following authorities award punishments:-

1. Vice Principal

2. Discipline committee

3. Staff

4. House Masters / any teacher

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